Peggy Guggenheim Enterprise & Culture Award

The Peggy Guggenheim “Impresa & Cultura” prize is the national competition addressed to companies committed to continuously support the field of culture.

The initiative aims at highlighting companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, which have conceived and supported cultural activities addressed to achieving corporate objectives.

During the first five editions, more than 330 companies applied.

Andria participated with the “Coriandoline” project, this is the jury’s motivation:

“For the courageous and poetic attempt to interpret everyday life through the eyes of children and for having used dreams and projects for a better quality of life to give a concrete shape to the home”

This result does not reward the original idea of a single project, but a working method aimed at the participation of citizens and providing solutions for their needs and desires through research and culture.

Sodalitas social award

Andria has obtained an important recognition with the Coriandoline project: the certificate of merit of the SODALITAS SOCIAL AWARD.

The award was established in 2002 by the Sodalitas Foundation with the aim of promoting the growth of a cultural environment related to social responsibility among Italian companies that have highlighted their commitment in the implementation of programs of high content and social value.

This Award is part of the European Social Award circuit created by the national partners of CSR Europe.

The Sodalitas Social Award annually marks the most significant social responsibility initiatives carried out by both companies, business associations, industrial districts and public administration bodies throughout the Italian territory.

The award stands out from other initiatives for its high social value, also recognized by the President of the Italian Republic and for the growing consensus and convinced participation found in recent years. In the last edition, 210 companies participated with 260 projects.

Participating in the Sodalitas Social Award means joining a small group of companies that have distinguished themselves for their sensitivity to the needs of citizens, to innovation as a tool for the development of society.

The Coriandoline quarter was selected in the 5 best projects in the “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVES” category.

In 1990 the Cooperative decided to become a cooperative of inhabitants and to put at the center of its work not only the houses but “the needs, desires and even some dreams” of our members and the community, developing an intense activity based on participation and listening.

In 2006 it was endowed with a Charter of Values drawing inspiration from a paper by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

“We intend to work to create a city that is a suitable place for recognizing oneself as a person, where everyone feels that they really “live” and whose history is also visible in its buildings, streets and spaces. A city capable of drawing new and ancient objects from its treasure, to preserve what is precious in the past and to courageously project itself towards a future close to us”.

From this involving and intensive work, quality neighborhoods and innovative projects of great social value have been born over the years:

  • “Case per Gio.Co.” (Homes For Fun), evolving homes for young couples
  • “Cas’o-mai”, leased homes for non-EU workers and families in need
  • Coriandoline, the friendly houses for boys and girls.

The Sodalitas Social Award rewards this way of working, and all the members who have been able to create a cooperative: participatory, ethical and useful to the community.

INU – Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica

In 1995 Andria participated to the National Competition for Participatory and Communicative Design organized by the National Institute of Urban Planning and the WWF in which 4 projects of the cooperative were selected:

  • THE COURTS _ recovery project of an abandoned area near the historic center of the municipality of Correggio;
  • CASE GIO.CO. _ project for the construction of single-family homes for Young Couples, evolving over time by partial self-buildable approach;
  • THE HOUSES OF DREAMS _ research project that involved 12 schools, 700 children, 50 teachers, 2 pedagogists and 20 people including architects, teachers and surveyors, which led to the realization of the “Coriandoline” project, the friendly houses for boys and girls;
  • BORGONUOVO _ recovery project of an abandoned area close to the historic center in the municipality of Novellara.

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Andria participated to the European Responsible Housing Award 2014 competition, organized by ERHIN Responsible Housing, under the auspices of the EUROPEAN UNION, with the partners CECODHAS Housing Europe, DELPHIS Housing Innovation, IUT Internation Union of Tenants.

The competition in which 70 projects from 12 European countries applied was structured into 5 categories that involved the various operational aspects of social housing.

Andria presented the Coriandoline project in the category GOVERNANCE AND RELATIONSHIP WITH THE STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVED, relating to participatory paths that involved families in planning and management.

The Coriandoline project was selected among the 5 finalists, obtained the Honorable Mention and was included in the “2014 Golden Book” of good practices.

The other finalists were:
DAB, a Danish non-profit company that owns 50,000 leased homes and 800 employees.
WIENER WOHNEN, a home agency in the city of Vienna, with 4,000 employees and 220,000 rental apartments.
BAUVEREIN AG Company from Darmstad – Germany with 163 employees, 17,097 apartments.
SHEPHERDS BUSH Housing Association of London with 129 employees and 5000 apartments.

The jury’s motivation for Andria’s project was:
A particularly creative initiative. An interesting methodology to involve future generations and educate them to active participation.
Long-term involvement, which has led to concrete and tangible results.
A cooperative model based on the principles of participation and involvement of residents “.

On Monday 6 October in Brussels, within a conference in the presence of the highest European authorities in the sector, the issues relating to social housing were discussed and the prizes and various recognitions were awarded.

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