A neighborhood that comes to life by the magic of children

Children have the courage and the freedom to ask for things adults would like but can’t even dream now.

Coriandoline is the result of a research work begun in 1995 che, which, for four years, involved 700 children, 50 teachers, 2 pedagogists, 20 architects, technicians, craftsmen and families.

Taking the “child dimension” as a quality parameter and starting from the belief that where children live well, families and communities also improve their quality of life, the housing needs of children have been shaped.

It was immediately evident that we were walking on a very thin thread: on the one hand the “fairy tale house” on the other “banality”…

…run on this thread to see this dream come true!

Once upon a time…
there wasn’t a city where the houses were made
as children wanted them.”

“They were sad and grey houses,
they were for grown-ups
and really serious ones too…”

“…people that wanted them
as places to shelter…”

“…from the rain…”
“…from the cold…”
“…from the heat when it’s really hot…”
“…watch TV and look out at the world…”
“And nothing else.”

Once upon a time there wasn’t
a city where the houses were made
as children wanted them.”

“We tried to design them together with the children.
That’s how a magic neighbourhood was created.”

“Entering this neighbourhood is like entering
a magic world.
It isn’t a made-up fable
but it’s imagination that conquers
the city and transforms it.
You enter into a real magic world,
inside a poem, a dream,
a poem that comes true.
Each house has a name
and an idea to make it real.
It’s nice going in.”

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